The one thing your training needs to finish your race

//The one thing your training needs to finish your race

The one thing your training needs to finish your race


Consistency. Many coaches around the world will tell you. And many books around the same topic will say the same. When you look for that one simple, magic trick, or ingredient or workout – you will rarely find it in what you think.

Look at the Professionals

The greatest athletes are privileged to have access to the latest and greatest. But most coaches will tell you there is not magic ingredient. There is only consistency that gets you to the finish line. That ensures you complete that stage race, or that ultra marathon.

As with a lot of things, it is not complicated.

You need to show up every day and do the work. Put in the miles. People often think coaches are there to push you. When new runners start a training programme, they often comment how much less they are running.

Consistency is key

It’s because we as runners are all A-type personalities. Wanting to control our universe down to the microsecond. And more tired = supposedly more fit & more fast. But this is rarely the case. As Joe Friel legendary Author and Athlete, ‘the goal of training is to get fitter, not to get tired.’

But how do you do this consistently if you are so tired after even just one workout? That is where consistency needs to be placed above volume, intensity or training load.

Your coach aids your results

Which is why the top athletes have coaches. Someone else, someone outside your head, to tell you when to go slow, and when to go fast. With something as complex as a training programme, you need someone to objectively look at your progress and make the call on a daily basis. We all love to train ourselves, go out and run as fast as we can. without thinking about tomorrow. then we end up skipping a workout, or two. And then you start to feel bad about not sticking to a routine.

You need to train in such a way that you can show up the next time, fresh and raring to go. This is not something that most runners want to do. They think that being tired is being fit. But every Olympic coach worth his salt, will test his athlete on a daily basis to determine if enough recovery has taken place. If you have added a training load to your muscles, you need time for that muscle to adapt.

This is where consistent effort comes out on top. If you are able to consistently train at a high quality level, you will finish that race, beat your personal best and tick another box on your bucket list.

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