You are the perfect runner, a spirit of the ages

//You are the perfect runner, a spirit of the ages

You are the perfect runner, a spirit of the ages

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Today is the day. Race day. Training time is over. You have done all you can, now it is time to see what you can do. You have within you the spirit of all the runners before you that have walked the earth. If you are alive you are in touch with the ground beneath your feet. It is from this ground that you will draw your power. From the earth to the sky, today you will run. Not just here for a little joh, you are not here without a purpose. You are a focused, motivated, energized running machine. You are the machine that will power your body up and over those mountains in the distance.

 The spirit running

Your muscles work when you tell them to. They are ready and waiting for your command. Your joints are made of steel, your bones of carbon fibre. Light, strong and fast. You are the fastest predator on the savannah, you are the strongest mountain goat with perfect balance.

Counting down, no need to think now. You are ready. Ready for the challenge. You are in this moment. Now. Now is your only chance. You are able to view your surroundings calmly, taking a deep calculated breath. You breathe in your surroundings. The fresh morning air. The vibrations of the universe that is ready for you. The spirit, ready for your best effort. Ready for you to inspire us. Your dedication, your sacrifice. Thank you to the great spirit.

The great spirit within you

You are already great. That moment in time where you celebrate your victory is already in your future. You just need to run into it, and embrace it. So you are calm, a coiled spring, ready to explode. No fear, no doubt. Crystal clear, time slows down. You look around you, and look at your self, as you become the master of time itself. You slow everything down around you, drown out all the noise. To the quiet. The quietness that you enjoy.

You celebrate this every time you go out for that run. Moving under your own steam. This makes you great. You don’t need anything. All you need to accomplish all of your goals today, is within you. Perfect. Complete. This route today, this is how you express yourself. This mountain will be your canvas. Your playground. You will become alive in this rich painting. You will inspire others with your joy.

This is you. This is why you run. Today you will be the runner. The warrior from the ancient lands, on a journey to forever. The spirit of all living things course through your veins. Rich with promise, sure to deliver. Deliver you to the finish line.

Today you will be running

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