Why is bad weather such a bad thing? Some tips on Preparation


Every morning I check the weather. A habit I picked up during my time living at the coast. Where the […]

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You are the perfect runner, a spirit of the ages

Today is the day. Race day. Training time is over. You have done all you can, now it is time […]

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‘Does it ever get easier?’ A look inside the mind of a trail runner

No, you just get faster. No, you just get stronger. No, you just learn to live with it. Well? If […]

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How to stop doing too much: a long term running approach

05h00am. Woke up feeling great. So excited to Run today! Legs feeling light, those first few steps? A-OK! Cup of […]

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How to become the student: RUNeasy Trail Workshop


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The frustration of doing too much

We hate injury as much as you do. We love running as much as you do. So we understand the […]

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How to be a lifelong runner: An experiment of One

How do you keep running forever? Become an experiment of one. Most runners would settle for 6-months injury free. But […]

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The one thing your training needs to finish your race

Consistency. Many coaches around the world will tell you. And many books around the same topic will say the same. […]

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A long-term approach to running: A System vs. Tactics


When I started running 7 years ago, I didn’t follow any system. Not having run a step since school, I […]

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How to stick to your training routine: 15 time saving tips to maximize your time

Everyone is always looking for more time. Too many commitments, meetings, traffic jams. And then you still need to train. […]

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