Tarrin van Niekerk

Physiotherapist &
Physiotherapist &RUNeasy Founder
When I was 6 years old I fell in love with running. Since then, I cannot imagine life without running. I enjoy running in all it’s forms, but my heart belongs to the trails and mountains.
As a physiotherapist I believe in empowering patients by teaching them self-management strategies. I started RUNeasy Running Clinic with the same in mind. We aim to teach fellow runners a more holistic approach to injury free running. We want to empower runners through education and self-management strategies to allow them to become faster, healthier and more efficient runners.

We want to show you that healthy running can be easy.


*Tarrin regularly competes in trail and mountain stage and ultra races. She finished first lady at the Skyrun65 in 2016.

The RUNeasy Approach

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The RUNeasy Clinics will teach you optimal running form, training principles and treatment strategies to prevent running-related injuries, improve running ability and boost performance.

We believe Training in itself should become the cornerstone in effective prevention strategies for running related injuries. By implementing the RUNeasy Principles you could lower your risk for injury, improve your running ability & performance.

  • Become a healthier, stronger and more efficient runner
  • Improve your running performance and endurance
  • Prevent and self-manage most running related injuries
  • Improve your running with less training time invested
  • Learn how to choose the correct running shoes and trail running gear.

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