Healthy Running Starts Here

It’s not rocket science, just your optimal running form

Find out how to prevent & self-manage running injuries and keep your running shoes on the road, not at the back of the closet. Develop your running Ability & Improve your Performance.

The RUNeasy Clinic is a full day workshop, presented in a small group environment by a team of qualified experts. It includes everything you need to know to see lasting results in your running.

Our straightforward approach is based on first-hand experience and research of techniques that work. With evidence-based lectures and step-by-step demonstrations we show you exactly what to do and how. Applied to you as an individual, focusing on your optimal form, not some ideal “textbook” runner.

With the added support of an active RUNeasy community, you will be part of a group of people who love running as much as you do.

Testimonials – See what other runners have to say about us!

“Well where do I begin. I was not a natural runner, and running was always a chore for me. Well not anymore. I can’t wait to get out on the trail. The running clinic has changed the way I run and the way I feel about running.

From changing the type of shoes and posture just to start with made a huge difference. The drills that are introduced at the beginning of the course get the mind and body into this new way of running.

The natural running program has changed running for me forever and I am so glad that I had the opportunity to do this course.

Thank you again Tarrin.”

Nicky Dold
“Found this to be very informative, challenging and encouraging all at the same time. Tarrin’s method of instruction is easy but also detailed and direct;

The weekly drill/exercise programs were well designed and adapted to specific areas where I needed to work on, these drills helps to reinforce lessons learnt during instruction. Posture and stretch exercise techniques learnt don’t just apply to running and found these to be beneficial in everyday life.

Would highly recommend this course to trail runners wanting to graduate to a minimalist type running style, and suggest you take along your life/running partner to share the experience.”

Mark Dold

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